Our investment plans

A number of investment plans were developed, which can satisfy the needs of both small and large investors.

About Company

grandclaim.com is one of the most credible international traders of raw materials and dry bulk commodities. Commencing its operations in 1989, the company has grown leaps and bounds in its credibility as well as its volume of business. With a strong presence in the Middle East market, we have also made our presence felt across the globe by trading in countries like India, Australia, South Africa, Korea, Europe, Brazil, Africa and the United States of America.

The nineties has been a decade of learning and growth for CTC. The company's trading and shipping activities now cover over 25countries where CTC either has its associates or working outfits. This year, CTC started its own full-fledged offices in Saudi Arabia, India and Singapore.

The company now ranks as a pre-eminent conduit for providing across-the-board supplier of raw materials and key inputs to the cement sector. It is one of the largest and most credible international suppliers of iron ore and iron pellets, bauxite, gypsum, limestone, coal, and industrial minerals, engineering goods, consumables, and chemical derivatives. grandclaim.com works in close cooperation with its multinational business associates such as Marinecem of Switzerland.Umar, a subsidiary of Holderbank group, Ssangyong of Korea, Cememtia of Switzerland, Marubeni of Japan, Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd., Hong Kong, and various corporate bodies worldwide.

Each new business opportunity offers a valuable upgrading experience in servicing its customers and principals with great humility and model efficiency. grandclaim.com enters the new millennium in a true spirit of mutual growth and interconnectedness with its valued clients and international associates, indeed, in all thanks giving to God Almighty. grandclaim.com has a unique distinction as an international commodities trader for its consistent growth.